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Working one on one with me in a private and non-judgmental space provides the opportunity for you to let down your guard and tune into thoughts and emotions not commonly embraced.  As a result, a trusted relationship is built and a state of openness and receptivity is achieved.  This becomes the ideal situation to learn effective coping skills and  embrace the present from a more helpful perspective.  It is a unique relationship, unlike any other.

Focusing on learning skills to help you be more present and engaged in life.   Mindfulness can help you cultivate a state of connected presence which is correlated to increased emotional wellbeing and self-compassion.  Mindfulness is a mind training practice that has been extensively researched and has shown to be extremely helpful in the treatment of depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Preferred by busy professionals, clients with chronic health conditions, or those just looking to remain in the privacy of their own home.

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