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Mindfulness based counseling by Ana Vitenson to nurture

your emotional health

Helping you cope with life stressors

one breath at a time


I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and depression and would love to help you on your journey toward greater emotional balance and inner peace

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“I’ve tried other therapists and I could not connect with anyone like I did with Ana. She helps you learn excellent coping mechanisms to implement in your daily life. She teaches you what it means to be compassionate to yourself.  She gives you the gift of loving yourself and your life. She is the absolute best."

Google Review by Mel B.

I specialize in individual counseling for adults, focusing on the treatment of anxiety and depression


I have been a mindfulness practitioner for over 12 years and would be honored to guide you toward increased awareness, peace and well being

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I can provide you with highly personalized services from the comfort of your home 




Counseling is an opportunity to feel heard, understood, accepted and valued while sharing your intimate thoughts and feelings,

without judgment




Counseling is the process of having a guide while working through exploration, growth and healing

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